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2  York Street - Harborne - Birmingham - B17 0HG - England - UK
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Horse History
It's 7 years since we took over the White Horse...In that time we've made so many changes it would be hard to list them...big changes and some not so big...we hope everyone agrees
...The White Horse is a better place these days...we promise we won't rest on our laurels...  we'll keep the place well maintained...well run...and hopefully it'll be your home from home. Thank you to all our customers who've supported us on great days and not so great days! without each and everyone of just wouldn't be the same! 

Moving forward...We have acquired a second pub in the Black Country...The Waggon and Horses...situated on the border of Cradley and Old Hill...The Waggon is a landmark building ...suffering from years of under given a new lease of life...

The Black Country is famous for its beer...rock bands and pork scratching's...obviously it's more famous as a major player in the industrial revolution...however...that was then...this is now...time for a this space!
In the colder months you can sample our own Ostler's Ale...Ostler's is brewed in the brew kitchen to the rear of The White Horse...more a nano brewery than a micro brewery Ostler's is registered with HMRC and has recently been registered as a limited company. During the summer months brewing ceases as customers switch to cooler drinks such as lager and cider.